Diwali Festival 2017 Puja Vidhi Mantr and Story

Dipawali Festival 2017.The festival of Diwali is such a festival. The country which is celebrated by the foreigners of India. Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit word diwali. Deepawali is called the festival of lights. This festival lasts for five days. Which starts with Dhanteras and runs till Bhai Dooj.

Dipawali Festival 2017

Dipawali Festival 2017 Puja Vidhi

  • First of all decorate the Chouki and place the statue of Lord Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on it in the East or West direction.
  • Place mud pot on rice near Mata Lakshmi.
  • Shrefal or coconut wrapped in red cloth and should be seen on the front of coconut.
  • After this put two Deepak in one ghee and filled the other oil.
  • Keep the Deepak in stages of idols.
  • Lay a red cloth on a small Chouki.
  • Make nine heaps of symbols from the rice on the new veil.
  • Make sixteen lumps of rice towards Ganeshji.
  • Now make the swastik between Navagraha and Shodash maternal.
  • Place a betel among them and make Rice muff on the four corners.
  • Write the middle ” ॐ Om ” at the top.
  • Place a plate with three platters and water in front of the small stool.

दिवाली पूजा की थाली की सामग्री

deepawali 2017

1. ग्यारह दीपक, 2. खिल, टेलर, मिठाई, वस्त्र, आभूषण, चंदन, सैंडूर, कुमकुम, सुपारी पत्ती, पान, 3. फूल, द्रव, चावल, लौंग, इलायची, केसर-कापूर, हल्दी-चूने का पेस्ट, सुगंधित पदार्थ, धूप, धूप, एक दीपक

Diwali Puja Vidhi Mantr in Hindi

  • कलश से कुछ पानी ले लो। मूर्तियों के उपर छिड़कने के बाद, यह मंत्र कहें

ॐ पवित्रः अपवित्रो वा सर्वावस्थांगतोऽपिवा।
यः स्मरेत्‌ पुण्डरीकाक्षं स वाह्यभ्यन्तर शुचिः॥
पृथ्विति मंत्रस्य मेरुपृष्ठः ग षिः सुतलं छन्दः
कूर्मोदेवता आसने विनियोगः॥

  • माता पृथ्वी को झुकाकर इस मंत्र जाप करे

ॐ पृथ्वी त्वया धृता लोका देवि त्वं विष्णुना धृता।
त्वं च धारय मां देवि पवित्रं कुरु चासनम्‌॥
पृथिव्यै नमः आधारशक्तये नमः

  • अब फूलों, चम्मच या अंजुली से पानी की एक बूंद ले लो और अपने मुंह में छोड़ दो और बोलो

ॐ केशवाय नमः
ॐ नारायणाय नमः
ॐ वासुदेवाय नमः

Returning to Shri Ram’s Ayodhya

Returning to Shri Ram's Ayodhya

It is reported in the Puranas that on the day of Kartik Amavasya, Lord Sriramji and his devout wife Sita and their brother Lakshman had cut into exile for 14 years and had taken the land of Lankapati Ravana and entered Ayodhya. It is said that in the joy of his arrival, the entire Ayodhya people had decorated the city of Ayodhya with the Deepak of the soil. Ayodhya was illuminated by the Deepka in the happiness of Lord Ram’s fourteen years of exile. And there was a happy atmosphere around.

Laxmiji’s birth and marriage

Laxmiji's birth and marriage

It is said that Mother Goddess was transmitted by the gods and demons by sea churning. On the same day, the marriage of Lord Lakshmi was done with Lord Vishnu. In this order all the light was made. Therefore, worship and illumination of Mata Lakshmi was also practiced since then.

Story of Goddess Lakshmi in Hindi

पौराणिक कथाओ के अनुसार एक नगर में एक साहूकार रहता था | उस साहूकार के लड़की थी | वह लड़की हमेशा पीपल की पूजा करती थी | उस लड़की ने देखा की माता लक्ष्मी उसी पीपल के पेड़ से निकला करती है | एक दिन उस लड़की को माता लक्ष्मी ने कहा की तुम मुझे बहुत अच्छी लगती हो में तुम्हारी सहेली बनाना चाहती हु | लड़की बोली मुझे क्षमा करना मै अपने माता -पिता की आज्ञा के बिना तुम्हारी सहेली नहीं बन सकती हु |उस लड़की ने अपने माता पिता की आज्ञा ली और सहेली बनगई |

laxmiji ki kahani

एक दिन माता लक्ष्मी ने लड़की को भोजन के लिय आमंत्रित किया | जब लड़की भोजन के लिए गई तो माता ने उसे सोने चांदी के बर्तनों में खाना खिलाया और सोने की चौकी पर बैठाया | तब लक्ष्मीजी ने कहा की मै कल तुम्हारे घर भोजन करने आउगी | लड़की ने माता का कहना स्वीकार किया | यह सब हाल लड़की ने अपने माता पिता को सुनाया तो उसके माता पिता खुश हुए | तब लड़की के पिता ने कहा की घर को गोबर से लिप कर जैसा बनेगा हम लक्ष्मीजी को खिला देंगे |

यह कहते ही अचानक एक चील उपर मंडराते हुए किसी रानी का नौलखा हार डाल गयी | यह देख कर लड़की बहुत खुश हुई | लड़की ने उस हार को थाली में रख कर कपडे से ढक दिया | तब तक वहा माता लक्ष्मी और श्री गणेश जी भी वंहा आ गए | तो लड़की ने वह हार माता लक्ष्मी को देना चाहा परन्तु माता लक्ष्मी ने कहा की यह हार तो राजा राणी के लिय है | हमें इस की जरुरत नहीं है | लड़की की प्रार्थना पर भगवान गणेश और माता लक्ष्मी ने भोजन किया | और साहूकार का घर सुख सम्पति से भर गया | जिस प्रकार साहूकार के घर को सुख सम्पति से भर दिए उसी प्रकार सबको सुख सम्पति दे |

Story of Goddess Lakshmi in English

According to legend, there was a moneylender in a city. That was the moneylender’s girl. That girl always used to worship Peepal. That girl saw that Mata Lakshmi is coming out of the same Peepal tree. One day Mata Lakshmi told that girl that you love me very much, she wants to make her friend. Girl can forgive me. I can not be your friend without the permission of my parents. That girl took the command of her parents and made her friend.

One day Mother Lakshmi invited the girl for food. When the girl went for food, the mother gave her food in golden silver utensils and sat on the gold post. Then Lakshmiji said that I will come to your house to eat tomorrow. The girl accepted the mother’s statement. All of this girl told her parents, her parents were happy. Then the girl’s father said that we will feed Laxmiji to the house as it will be wrapped with cow dung.

Suddenly, one of the queens overwhelmed the necklace of a queen. The girl was very happy to see this. The girl put the necklace on the plate and covered her with clothes. Till then, Mata Lakshmi and Shri Ganesh ji also came here. So the girl wanted to give it to Mata Lakshmi, but Mata Lakshmi said that this defeat is for King Rani. We do not need this. Lord Ganesha and mother Lakshmi ate on the prayer of the girl. And the house of the moneylender was filled with happiness Just as the moneylender’s house is filled with happiness, so everyone should give happiness to him.

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