Diwali Laxmi Puja Vidhi 2018 Muhurat Time

Diwali laxmi puja is an indian custom on deepawali,its a celebration process to celebrate laxmi puja at home with our family.Mostly men and women keep fast all day. All the people worship the mata Lakshmi after lighting the oil Deepak and candles in their homes and happiness of the family earns prosperity. According to custom Goddess of wealth Lakshmi comes to her home to protect her devotees.

Diwali Pooja Vidi


Diwali Laxmi Puja Preparation

On the festival of Deepawali, people of Hindu religion clean their homes. They decorate their
homes with flowers, light all around. And make the Rangoli in the courtyard of the house and
make the house four moons. Because this is a very good day. On the occasion of Diwali, people
keep coconut with kalash on the main door of their house.

Diwali Laxmi Puja Preparation



Laxmi Puja Date and Day 2018

Diwali Puja will be celebrated on November 07th Wednesday in the year 2018.

Diwali Puja Muhurat Laxmi Puja Time


According to legend, worship of Mata Lakshmi should be done during the Lakshy period on
Diwali.This period begins after sunset. This time is about 2 hours and 24 minutes. While many
pundits say that Lakshmi Puja should be performed during the due time. While Pradosh Kaal
Muhurat is the best Muhurta. Laxmiji should worship at the same time during the Prdhan Kaal,
only stable marriage prevails at that time.

Prdosh Kaal Muhurat on Diwali Festival 2018

Lakshmi Puja Muhurta = 19:26 to 20:25
Duration = 58 Mins
Pradosh Kaal = 17:54 to 20:25
Vrishabha Kaal = 19:26 to 21:24
Amavasya Tithi Begins = 00:13 on 06 November 2018
Amavasya Tithi Ends = 00:41 on 07 November 2018

Mahanishita Kaal Muhurat on Deepawali 2018

Lakshmi Puja Muhurta = 11:40 to 00:31 (07 November 2018)
Duration = 51 Mins
Mahanishita Kaal = 23:40 to 24:31
Simha Kaal = 25:41+ to 27:59
Amavasya Tithi Begins = 00:13 on 06 November 2018
Amavasya Tithi Ends = 00:41 on 07 November 2018

Choghadiya Puja Muhurat for Deepawali Laxmi Puja

It is said that Choghadiya Muhurt is good for traveling only. The best time for Lakshmi Puja is due to Pradosha kaal. When sleeping is prevalent. If Lakshmi’s worship is done during stagnation, Lakshmi will remain in your house.

Morning Muhurta = 06:28 – 07:53
Night Muhurta = 00:06 – 00:41 on 07 November 2018

Laxmi Puja Mantra लक्ष्मी पूजा (दिवाली पूजा) के मंत्र

पवित्रीकरण मंत्र :

ॐ पवित्रः अपवित्रो वा सर्वावस्थांगतोऽपिवा।
यः स्मरेत्‌ पुण्डरीकाक्षं स वाह्यभ्यन्तर शुचिः॥
पृथ्विति मंत्रस्य मेरुपृष्ठः ग षिः सुतलं छन्दः
कूर्मोदेवता आसने विनियोगः॥

पृथ्वी को प्रणाम मंत्र :

ॐ पृथ्वी त्वया धृता लोका देवि त्वं विष्णुना धृता।
त्वं च धारय मां देवि पवित्रं कुरु चासनम्‌॥
पृथिव्यै नमः आधारशक्तये नमः

अब आचमन करने की मंत्र :

पुष्प, चम्मच या अंजुलि से एक बूंद पानी अपने मुंह में छोड़िए और बोलिए-
ॐ केशवाय नमः
और फिर एक बूंद पानी अपने मुंह में छोड़िए और बोलिए-
ॐ नारायणाय नमः
फिर एक तीसरी बूंद पानी की मुंह में छोड़िए और बोलिए-
ॐ वासुदेवाय नमः

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