How Mobile App Helps in Preparing CAT Exam

CAT which stands for Common Admission Test is the most popular of the management entrance exams among, any MBA aspirant in India. Being conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), its credibility is acknowledged by the majority of the colleges in India. With about 2,32,434 applicants in 2016 and questions coming from sections like Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, Verbal and Reading Comprehension, it is not an easy task to score a high percentile. Thus to get an admission into a good college for an MBA, it is vital to coach yourself well to appear for the CAT exam. In this day and age with technology playing an integral part in our lives, the task of preparing for CAT has been made easier by a fair amount. Let us see how mobile applications have made a difference in preparing CAT Exam.

Accessibility of smartphones

We have all been tired of carrying a bag full of books wherever we go so that we can keep brushing up on our studies. But since the introduction of smartphones into the market, the amount of books carried around by candidates have come down by a fair bit. With everyone having a smartphone accompanying them wherever they go, they can easily store Ebooks replacing the conventional bulky textbooks. Moreover, with a number of applications available online for coaching, people use the more interactive applications to work on their skills.

Interactive Methods of learning of CAT

With the advancements in technology, people have been given access to 3D animated content with audio-video lessons on every topic which has to be covered. Taking into consideration how our brains retentivity is to audio visual cue than compared to just reading. The audio video integrated classes prove to be a better replacement to conventional teaching methods as more of the topic can be explained with visuals than left to the imagination of the listener.

Global collaboration for CAT

Since the internet came into the picture, the entire world has become inter connected. With online blogs and forums bringing people together from different parts of the world, it is possible to have a discussion on any topic with anyone at any point of time. To help clear doubts and queries, there are certain applications which offer a mentor to clear your doubts whenever you may need help.

With over 2 lakh applicants expected, the level of competition for CAT 2020 is only expected to increase and it is crucial to have that extra inch on the competition to get into the best MBA College for your Post Graduate Diploma. With the advantages that mobile applications bring to the forefront of this competition, preparing for CAT has been made a tad bit easier. Check out the Byju’s YouTube channel to see a few audio-video based content which can help you to prepare for CAT

Watch the Video by Byjus Academy

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