Nelson Mandela International Day celebrated for all ward

Nelson Mandela International Day 18 July South Africa

Born in South Africa, Nelson Mandela is celebrated as the birthday of Nelson Mandela was a non-violent person; he spent most of his life in prison for 27 years. During the prison, they were told most of the time in the infamous Robben Island prison near Cape Town.

18 July 2017 International Mandela day

Mandela is a symbol of high ideals in the United Nations. This honor is being given to Mandela for their continuous efforts to establish peace, to eradicate apartheid, protect human rights and establish gender equality. South Africa Nelson Mandela became the first black president

Life history of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated on 18th July every year as the memorial of Nobel laureate former South African President Nelson Mandela’s birthday for peace. In the 192-member General Assembly, a resolution was passed unanimously in this regard, Ali Treki, president of the United Nations General Assembly, said that this decision was taken to honor a great man who did not only work for the welfare of common people but also paid the price.

Why is nelson Mandela day celebrated?

Being an international figure, Nelson Mandela was liked by wealthier and famous people of the world and he was surrounded by celebrities. But in his mind there was never a great personality like and he used to work hard to make himself worthy of reaching the ‘general public’. They are not comfortable with being surrounded by formalities and meet

Them personally as soon as possible For many people, meeting them in this form has become a wonderful experience of life.

A good mind and a good heart is always a winning couple.

Especially when you celebrate victory and when good things happen, then you should put others ahead and lead from the back and whenever you are in danger you should come in the next line. Then people will appreciate your leadership.

If you talk to a person in a language that he understands, then he goes to his mind. If you speak in his own language, then he falls in his heart.


  • Bharat Ratna Award was given to Nelson Mandela by the Government of India.
  • The Nobel Prize was given jointly for peace.
  • Mandela received more than 695 awards,
  • An honorary degree was also found in more than 50 universities

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