Jio Phone Online Booking Rs 1500 Starting 24 August at 5:30 Pm 4g jio mobile Registration

Hello greeting to my all friend I’m giving you the right way information today because I am so happy Reliance jio that India ka smart phone recently Reliance jio launch 4G Vi LTE phone in very cheapest price and listen the price you will be shocked because its price is 1500 only and you will get a phone in only 1500 Indian rupees the phone supporting four G LTE network in our India and feature of the phone it shows shocking because Reliance jio giving unlimited data unlimited voice call plan in this 1500 phone, Pre Booking Of This Phone Is Starting From 500/-INR

Jio Phone Booking Requirement Price Feature Time Date

Reliance Com Want every Indian will be communicated with 4G and the reachability of phone will be reach in villages and rural area in India you know how much feature of phone Reliance jio giving. you know friend the Ambani group and Mukesh Ambani the chairman of Reliance Communication And Reliance jio Private Limited providing all the latest communication technology in India and make cheaper communication to all Indian now you can read and know all the Reliance jio four G LTE phone in 1500 rupees only first feature of the phone you know about Reliance jio tagline discover the power of jio phone multiple feature pack in jio mobile engineer to experience the best I’m talking about you the jio 4G LTE phone you know from friends this phone is begin to start online booking from 24 August at 5:30 P.M know the feature of India ka smartphone buy Reliance jio book online jio phone within 500 Indian rupees

Reliance Jio 4G LYF VoLTE India Ka Smart Phone Features

first feature of Reliance jio related to design compact design Reliance jio phone having user-friendly design in so smooth design like compact design display of this phone is 2.4 inches and included to VGA Technology display in Reliance jio four G phone including battery and charger for U battery 2000 MH and standby talktime of Reliance jio four G LTE phone is 15 days just start the phone with you in using Technology now I’m talking about you SD card slot of Reliance jio l y f smartphone SD card is supported upto 128 GB alphanumeric keypad keypad you can use alpha and numeric keypad on this phone for the navigation like calling button video calling button disconnecting but I am back within Indian currency sign on this phone hotspot sign of cable 10 bluetooth setting on included headphone jack in the bottom Reliance jio lyf the India for Smartphone including the top FM radio is also available on this phone you can use custom ringtone on this phone Reliance jio having a quality camera rear camera it means back camera 2 megapixel front camera is 0.3 megapixel you can use microphone and speaker both on this phone call history is also available in l y f Reliance jio phone you can save contact your contact in this phone you can using get the jio assistant in this phone you can make it call you can make a SMS by  l y f phone listen music in jio phone use jio cinema to watch online TV browse the Internet surf the Internet to find information on Internet India ka smartphone jio l y f phone just start with INR booking explore the regional language supporting simplify interface in 22 Indian language like Hindi Marathi Gujarati Bangla and more than 18 language on the operating system enjoy the preloaded jio apps in the phone like my jio with my I see you at Gateway of digital word quick and easy access to the application may need your account on the go with my plan statement of your account jio care of your data entry charge one of the most effective HR to attract the youngest music music anytime anywhere HD song in over 20 languages unmuted Keerthi unbeatable experience in jio music app jio cinema best top entertainment for you one stop destination for premium Indian movies for free TV show in music video always in your phone and one more picture jio TV is Texas of all TV program a wide range of TV channel it was the language of India and generous of enjoy 400 Plus TV channel city of fingerprint including 60 + HD channel of news entertainment music like anything logic design you can connect jio phone to in ETV with jio media cable and explore that so this is India ka Smartphone and many more picture of this phone

How To Register For Jio 4g Phone Online Booking Rs 1500

I suggest you you can buy this phone and use the Reliance jio phone so fun getting in with you we are giving all statement you to how to get the jio phone how to use the jio phone what is requirement requirement of jio phone how to register the jio phone and many more thing your question and we are giving answer to you so friends enjoy the LTE technology of Reliance jio make your communication is faster faster with Reliance jio this phone is available in 1500 rupees only and when you start to book the phone first you will be charged 500 rupees the process

Step To Book Jio Phone at

how to book the jio phone is here first visit to on this webpage you scroll down you can get header with book now button click on the book now button it’s your a message booked jio phone now it a responsive only then enter your mobile number after you submit after submit the system ask you delivery pincode then displaying when item with total panso INR charges then you will get process button and click on the process then page will be redirect on jio systems and you will get a voucher and you can make the payment after fill the address and phone will be reach on your given it so friend is so easy to cook if your phone in 500 rupees stay connected with with us on latest Reliance jio News offer Freecharge technology and all other things thank you friends

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