One nation one gas grid


On January 2021 honourable prime minister inaugurated the one nation one gas grid project from kochi to mangluru.

What is one nation one gas grid project?

This is a 450 km long pipeline being built by GAIL India Ltd. It will carry natural gas from the liquefied natural gas terminal at kochi. The gas pipeling has the potenail to carry 12 million standard cubic metre per day. Despite being as a challenge to make such kind of pipeling in the ecological sensitive area of kochi it was made by using a special technique called horizontal drilling method.

  • The objective of the pipeline is to make make and supply environment friendly and affordable fuel to households, transportation and also for commercial and industrial use.
  • Being a good source of supply of natural gas it has also provided employment to thousands of people.

How it works??                                                                

  • To make It successful the indian power system has been divided into five regional grids. One nation one grid refers to the integration of these divided grids.This integration would make it easy to supply natural gas to several stakeholders like central government ,the state government , the public and private sectors.

Benefits of one nation one grid project

Nationwide connection: a single source would be used to supply natural gas throught the country. As it would make it a sence of cooperative governance.

Rapid expansion: the speed of making the gas pipeline is very fast as it has the potential to expand throughout th country by 16000 km long gas pipling.

Reduce the regional imbalance where the existing system is unable to supply gas. As currently the supply is only within the limited pockets in the country.

Environment friendly as natural gas supply through the gas pipeline would make it eco-friendly as it has very few chances that it would harm the environment.

Reduce the deforestation and help the natural environment to grow and protect the natural flaura and fauna.As India has pledged in the paris climate goals that India has to reduce the carbon emission by 33% of 2005 levels. So the gas supply via the grid is an endevour towards this target.

Way ahead :

Although the government’s step is appreciable enough but there is a requirement that investment should be encouraged by smaller business and firms . There is also a need to change the behaviour as done  in the case of SWACCH BHARAT SCHEME was done and the results were amazing. We need to make it a part of education and tell people at local level about the need and benefits of natural gas. There is also a huge requirement for research and development  in this field so that eco-friendly techniques may be invented.

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