Pandemic and poor mental health of youths

The pandemic and the effect of lockdown have had a negative impact on the mental health of youth. In a recent publication by lancet there is a four fold jump among adults in anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Let us understand what are the reasons of this mental stress

  • Over use of social media and increasing the screen time has made people addicted and this let to further depression and anxiety.
  • Political social distancing and home quarantine and curfew are all new In this century and this let to more fear among youth.
  • The pandemic has severely hit the economic sector as India has faced sever phase of unemployment. People in unorganized sector is in fear of losing their jobs, business or savings which led to increase the level of distress among people.
  • As per the data released by UN 60% of the women reported stressed due to additional duties played by them during yearlong lockdown.
  • Also it increased violence and crime incidents against women and increased level of distress among them.
  • Media is always said to be the fourth pillar of democracy but this time media has not played its role effectively and spread negativity throughout the world by continuously posting images of severely  ill people ,hospitals ,graveyards and many more.
  • There is also lack of mental heath care services as we have only 9200 psychiatrists for 1.3 billion people.
  • Poor mental health is considered as a stigma in India so people hesitate to go to the doctor and getting cured.

Here are some the effort could be done:

  • Need to make yoga a daily part of our life so that we may become mentally strong and may live healthy.
  • MANODARPAN is an initiative by ministry of human resource to provide psychological support and counseling for more health an well being.
  • India only spends 4% of its GDP in health sector which needs to be increased,
  • Also we need to encourage the mental health related startups and innovations so that more and more people may be approached sooner for example for this RASTRIYA KISHOR SWASTHYA KARYAKARAM has been reconfigured to include outreach by counselors ,faculty based counseling and also provides wellness tips change.

Although India has signed the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS OF UN clearly reflects its seriousnedd towards health but we need to broaden the definition of health which may include mental health in itself and also cure people similarly as considering it part of the physical health system and also need to spread awareness among people about the mental health as its just a disease not a stigma.

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