Sharad Purnima 2017 Date Time Vrat Vidhi Katha or Importance

According to Jyotisio, the full moon of Sharad Purnima Ashwin Mas has been considered as the best of all full moon in the year. It is also called “kojagar” purnima and Ras purnima, besides Sharad Purnima. It is said that on this day moon is full of sixteen arts. And on this day, Lord Shri Krishna created Maharas. According to the scholars, this night, the nectar loses from the moon rays. It is beneficial to make kheer in the moon’s rays and keep it in the moonlight overnight.

Sharad Purnima 2017

Sharad Purnima Date and Time

5 October 2017

Moonrise On Sharad Purnima Day = 18:02
Purnima Tithi Begins = 01:47 on 5 October 2017
Purnima Tithi Ends = 00:09 on 6 October 2017

Sharad Purnima fasting method (Vrat Vidhi)

It is said that the person should keep his mind clean with fast on this day. Any person should worship the idol of gold ornaments and cloth covered with cloth or copper clay. 101 candles filled with gold, silver or clay ghee should be lit when there is moonlight in the evening. After this, prepare kheer. Put it in a pure sheet and keep it in the Moon’s moonlight. Offer it on a pahar or 3 hours later to Lakshmi. After this, this Khela should serve Satvavic Brahmins in the form of Prasad or its food. On this day you can do bhajan kirtan too. At the time of bathing in the morning, Laxmiji gave that statue to a Acharya. It is said that on the night of the sadhurnima, Mahalakshmi travels in the world for her husband and wife in his tax-Kamalas. And the mind decides that no one is serving me and no one is awake to me at the place of worshiping me. Today, I will give the stock of cube in that person. Thus, the fasting of Sharad Purnima is done every year to satisfy and please Lakshmi. It is said that Maa Lakshmi gives prosperity in this Lok and gives happiness to the body even when it ends

( Katha )Story of Sharad Purnima

Once a moneylender had two girls. Both girls used to fast Sarad Purnima. Among them was a very girl who used to perform fasting and the little girl used to do full-time fast. The moneylender made the two girls married. In them the son of a little girl would get and he would die. When he asked the Pandit about this reason, Pandit told the girl that you had done full moon fasting. Because of which your children die as soon as possible. If you fast for the full moon, then your children can survive. Since then, the girl fasted fast. Her boy was born. But he died immediately. He laid the boy on the choki and covered the clothes. She immediately went to the elder sister and called her and gave her the same choki for persuasion. On the Choki, the older sister started to sit there, then she took the boy’s lavage. So the boy started crying. Her elder sister said that you wanted to stigmatize me. If she dies due to insincerity then the younger sister said that she had already been killed. You have been alive through fate and virtue. After that, the whole village had declared the full moon to be fasted.

Importance of Sharad Purnima

According to the Hindu calendar, the importance of Sharad Purnima is more than all those full moon. Why the full moon of the month of Ashivan is called Sharad Purnima. The importance of this full moon is given in the scriptures. It is said that Lord Goddess Lakshmi was born on the day of Sharad Purnima. Therefore, on this day Mother Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped.

In the Dwapar era, Lord Krishna was born. Then Maa was manifested in the form of Lakshmi. It is said that on the night of Sharad Purnima, Lord Krishna called the Gopis to call them a bunshi. And created a lot of them, hence it is also called “Ras Purnima or Kamudi” festival. Therefore, the night of Sardar Purnima is of particular importance.

According to Hindu scriptures, after midnight of Sharad Purnima, Mother Lakshmi came on earth after riding on her automobile. He is awake to see who is awake. Therefore the night of this full moon is also called “Koojagara“. “Koojagara” means who is awake. It is said that devotees worship Lord Lakshmi after awaking at night. Mata Lakshmi is certainly oppressed on them.

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