The unpredictable pandemic and the challenges of vaccines

The year long crisis in the year 2020 most of the time of the year was in lockdown but by the end of 2020 we felt that corona has gone and now no more lockdown and no more restrictions .

But corona is back and this time with more dangerous strain in itself. The economic survey of the year 2021-22 has named the pandemic “once in a century crisis itself”.

Although we were ready to real with this strain too but the rate of doubling is unpredictable and no system can manage such kind of crisis for 1.2 billion people.

And the challenge of the hour is not covid per se the challenge is how to track and trace this and now how to get more and more peole vaccinated as soon as possible as it will take minimum 2years to vaccinate all of india.

So let’s see what are the challenges ahead of us right now and how to vaccinate more and more peole as soon as possible;

Challenges of vaccination:

  • Huge population
  • And less production as compared to the demand
  • Black marketing of vaccine and oxygen cylinders
  • Dirty politics of state governments in such crisis times
  • Poor machinery at the sub national level and also the system has not yet been trained to handle such kind of crisis
  • Vaccine development is a challenge per se as it requires more investment at the initial stage and this is very difficult right now to track and trace such machinery
  • Henceforth the vaccine development also requires clinical trials and another universal challenges which is a timely process.
  • Supply side challenges are also there as we all know we had to ask army to help us in this crisis to supply oxygen all over India
  • Another big issue is vaccine hesitancy
  • Issue of intellectual property rights and IPR  is another issue
  • WTO TRIPS regulations barring generics
  • Vaccine is not enough it also requires early screening ,treatment and necessary diagnosis further to reduce it’s spread .

What could be done?

  • Preventive strategies are focused on the isolation of patients and careful infection control ,including  following the WASH strategy of WHO.
  • The most important strategy is to frequently wash your hands and use sanitizer and also avoid contact with people and are infected as much as we can.
  • Social distancing is the only key to break the chain of virus as the CM of rajasthan govt. said that all we can do is to break the chain and stop the transmission as we can.
  • Cancellation ,prohibition of mass gathering is also need of the hour .
  • The use of face mask as and when required diligently.

Although the situation is very critical but still we all need to joint hands and break the chains firstly and spread humanity in our surroundings . THE post pandemic era will be very beautiful where all of us having with herd immunity and living fearlessly in the pre covid era.

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