CAIIB 2020: The Best Way to Crack CAIIB Exam in First Attempt Best Guide And Important Tips To Crack CAIIB Exam

Best Guide to Crack CAIIB Exams Important Tips To Crack CAIIB Exam in First Attempt : CAIIB exam about to get conducted by end of this year. Candidates must be busy in preparing really hard for it. Each year the CAIIB Exam conducted by IIFB for checking advanced knowledge of candidate in finance sector. Though it is known to be quite tough, candidates appear for cracking this exam offers a lucrative career. Candidates cracking through this exam “Crack CAIIB Exams” have a chance of promotion or a better appraisal in their positions.

The Best Way to Crack CAIIB Exam in First Attempt Best Guide And Important Tips To Crack CAIIB Exam

Is Cracking CAIIB Exam Really Tough?

Most of the bankers have a fear against the CAIIB exam as they consider it to be quite tough. One of the major and very basic reason that the professionals applying for exam do not get much time for preparation. After a regular schedule of 10 hours at the office, it gets a bit of a daunting task to prepare for the exam.

But that not mean that cracking the exam impossible. With proper planning and scheduled studying, candidates can crack through the exam i.e Crack CAIIB Exams. In fact, the IIFB portal has also offered several books that can help the candidates in preparing for the exam in a much better way. But candidates need to plan up things so that all the topics can be covered up for the exam.

The Best Way to Crack CAIIB Exam in the First Attempt

Crack CAIIB Exams : Though CAIIB offers several attempts for the candidates to Crack CAIIB Exams, it always better to crack through it in the first attempt. If you are preparing for upcoming CAIIB exam, here are some of the tricks that you can follow to Crack CAIIB Exams in the first attempt itself.

Know Your Syllabus Well:

The very first task is to get acquainted with your syllabus well. Until and unless you are not aware of your proper syllabus, you will not be able to prepare for it well. Visit the IIFB portal and check through the syllabus thoroughly. If necessary, note down the entire syllabus somewhere so that you can work upon it comfortably. This is the most important part of your planning. You can say, knowing the syllabus is the base on which you need to make strategies and start the preparation.

Get the Books:

The IIFB portal prescribed the books that you require for your CAIIB exam. You should order these books immediately so that you can start your preparation in the right way. Also, you can order some more related books to these prescribed books if you think the other related books can be helpful. You can take help from an expert such as someone who has appeared for the exam before.

Create a Routine:

Now after you noted down the syllabus and you got the books, it is the time to make proper strategies to start your preparation to Crack CAIIB Exams. If you taken leave for your studies, you can make your study routine for the whole day. You can keep 2-3 hours of one subject in the morning, 2-3 hours of another subject in the afternoon, and then evening.

But if you have an office to attend also, it is quite obvious that you may get only 2 to 3 hours the entire day for your studies. It may even happen that some days you may have just 1 hour for your studies. In such a case, need to make a routine that you will devote one day per subject. For example, if you have studied chapters from financial management today, you should study chapters from advanced banking tomorrow. This will help you in completing the syllabus of all the subjects parallelly.

Do Not Miss Out The Question Banks:

The books prescribed by IIFB have question banks at end of every chapter. You should not skip it as these questions appear in your exam too. After you have completed a chapter, try to solve the questions provided after each chapter and see how many of them you have answered correctly. This will help you in completing the topics and practicing the questions together. Also, you know which topics require extra attention than others.

Solve Model Question Papers:

When you have crossed more than half of the syllabus, it is the time to do some practice work too. In the exam, you do not just need to answer the questions correctly, but you also need to answer them on time. Hence, it is important to practice model question papers so that you can make a habit of completing the question paper on time.

Also, this will help you in knowing how much prepared for the exam. You can know the topics in which you are getting stuck and you can prepare them in an even better way.

Make Notes for Last Moment Revision:

While you studying, keep a notebook where you can jot down the important points. These points very much helpful during your last moment revisions. It is quite understood that you may have stressed situation at the office due to which many topics may get skipped from your mind. So, after you have completed the syllabus, it is the absolute time to recall all those points and topics once again so that you answer them when they appear in the exam.

Along with these points, also remember to go through the different question banks in the books as well as the model question papers. These questions may appear in exam and hence having a glance at that at the last moment very helpful.

Do Not Stress Yourself:

One of the most important things is that you should not stress yourself too much. Often when you are extremely stressed, you might land up making the wrong moves. Hence, make sure to arrange all your belongings such as the admit card, identity card, and other important necessities a day in advance. Take a break from studies at least for a day, 3-4 days before the exam. This will help in refreshing your mind. The last 2-3 days before the exam should be just left out for the last moment revisions.

CAIIB exam definitely tough but it is not impossible to Crack CAIIB Exams. If you are following a proper schedule and straight strategies, you can surely crack CAIIB exam in the first attempt itself.

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