After the violence in 2014, it was likely to be a peaceful co-existence of both the communities but the recent violence between Israel and Palestine led to Hamas is a new threat now in West Asia. 2014 was the time when there seemed to be a little hope and genuine easing of tensions.

Reason of violence?

  • The holy occasion of Ramzan and the Israeli police action during Ramzan month: Israeli police and security forces took action to prevent Palestinians from gathering at the Damascus gate in Jerusalem after Ramzan’s holy prayers in which hundreds of civilians died.
  • The Counterattack by Hamas: the Islamic terror group as being the protector launched bombs killing three Israeli citizens.
  • Disappointing response by Israeli army: the Israeli govt. carried thousands of airstrikes in Gaza and reportedly deployed artillery and troops as well. Residential areas are bearing the brunt of Israeli attacks and there are reports of rioting.

How the violence damaging and beneficial at the same time?

Although there is no winner in violence but still there are some who benefit from it.

Israeli govt. continues to expand its geographical area against Hamas. This is a leading political benefit for the Israeli government and also stocks nationalist feelings.

The Hamas also get benefit from conflict by stoking flames of resentment that are bound to be just under the surface in places like Gaza.

Implications on the global order:

  • The violence is a grave setback for peace in the region.
  • Will reduce faith in diplomatic ties like the recent Abraham accords.
  • In the West Asian region, it is likely to make it harder for those trying to normalize ties with Israel.
  • Promotes extreme positions between Israel and Palestine, it could embolden the maximalist, anti–peace sentiments among the people.
  • The root cause of violence will remain unresolved: this will not solve the fundamental question of settlement, rights, life, and permanent solution.

Role of India :

India has close ties to both Israel and the human rights of Palestine’s people. India balanced between the two. India must continue to draw a fine line without any compromise on its national interests and ethical humanitarian values.

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