What Does It Take to Study in the USA? – [ Ultimate 2019 Cheat sheet ]

What Does It Take to Study in the USA?
Studying in one of the best educational hubs in the world has lots of perks associated with it. While the advantages cloud over the disadvantages, there are various requirements that must be followed in order to seek admission in a course at a desired university or institution in the USA. As most of the students are required to know English, sufficient proof of the documents along with proper visa allowances must be showcased in order to be true in front of the authorities. Therefore, some of the most important things or eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled by the students who are willing to come to the USA to study are as follows:

The board exam certificates
The certificates that you have received after completion of your board exams is one of the essential documents that must be submitted in order to seek admission into US colleges.

Graduate-level exam
If you have already completed your graduation from a recognized University or Institution, the mark sheets from that exam area also essential.

Academic record
The academic record of the student is really important. All the listings must be in points along with the percentage of marks that had been obtained as well.

Entrance exam scores
Every US College has its own exam for the course in which you are seeking admission. Therefore, if you have passed the exam with good colors, then the marks must be produced accordingly.

Recommendation letters
Recommendation letters must be on behalf of some senior teacher or any other faculty member. Basically, the letter must state how much you are capable of joining the course in the US and also the merits that you have within yourself. The letter must also deal with the relevant skills too.

Cover letter
A cover letter is written by yourself and you must state the probable qualifications that you have acquired over the years of learning. Even in simple words, you must list some work qualifications as well, if any.

An updated CV
A CV is again a mandatory document that must be displayed along with the rest of the documents. The CV must be updated and must list everything in a very presentable manner. A less complicated CV is rather appreciated.

List of extracurricular activities
If you were engaged in sports while in college or in school or were into other cultural activities as well, you must make a list of them as well and provide it for verification.

Achievement certificates
Achievement certificate refers to the various areas of participation, which is also equally important along with the rest of the documents. These might include seminars, conferences, etc.

A financial report
The financial report of the family explaining that the fee can be afforded by the family is also required to study in the US.

Updating list for student visa coming to the US for study

Along with the college documents, some of the visa documents that are required are as follows:
• The Degree certificate, both in original as well in Xerox form, which is attested.
Mark sheets of schools, both class 10 as well as high school.
• Recommendation letters from two senior teachers or other faculty members.
• The affidavit, stating that there is no year drop while studying in school.
• A good IELTS or TOEFL or SAT score, which is highly important. Along with that, if you are taking part in any undergraduate course at an American University, you must have a decent SAT score or Scholastic aptitude test score. Therefore, you must go through the SAT Exam syllabus in order to ensure proper admission in the US.
Updated Resume, containing a list of all your activities along with the academic record.
A valid passport.
• Work experience letter if any, must be listed with the starting date and the ending date.
Documents of extra activities, highlighting the major achievements that you have received in life so far.
If you happen to have all of the above documents, then probably it is easy to stay updated with your college application and you would be eligible to make your way into the country to study the course that you have always wanted.

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